Free cnc turn software

Cnc turn software



turn.js 3rd release

p The effects are done via jQuery and HTML br br It works in all modern browsers including touch-driven devices br br The plugin is perfect for replacing those heavy-loading Flash-powered e-magazines br br A demo is also included with the download package br ... [...]
Turn numbers into strings script

Turn numbers into strings script

Turn numbers into strings - Turn numbers into strings with thousands separators Turn numbers into strings - Turn numbers into strings with thousands' separators ... [...]
Monitor Control

Monitor Control 2.05

Softany Monitor Control is a tray program that help you manually turn off your computer's monitor manually start any screensaver installed in your system rather than waiting for a number of minutes quick change screensaver settings automatically disable screensaver and power scheme so that you ... [...]
Turn off Rails Layouts for AJAX Requests script

Turn off Rails Layouts for AJAX Requests script

Turn off Rails Layouts for AJAX Requests allows you to turn off ajax requests application wide This allows you to turn off ajax requests application wide so that you don't have to do render layout false in every controller that needs it ... [...]

e-war 1.03

A turn based multiplayer play by e-mail war game As large a group as you like can play at any pace the group decides on e g from one turn a week to several turns a day All players make their moves for each turn ... [...]
Tams11 Farkle

Tams11 Farkle

Exciting and fast dice game where you take risks trying to get a high score Now with dice game option On your turn you can roll the dice as long as you roll scoring dice But better end your turn before you don't roll any ... [...]
Intelligent Cubes II

Intelligent Cubes II 2.1.3

This is a set of cubes or squares arranged in columns and rows Your task is to turn them until they have the same color in the same face The difficulty is that you can't turn the cubes or the squares individually but you have ... [...]
Turn Off Monitor

Turn Off Monitor 3.1

Turn Off Monitor is a Utility by which you can Turn Off Monitor using either a shortcut Key or a shortcut icon or an Icon in System Tray Turning Off Monitor when not in use saves electricity which is not the same as running a ... [...]


p StaticPress will export a WordPress blog to static site structure br br This means all pages will be converted from PHP files to static HTML files br br When adding a new page a manual Rebuild operation is needed to add the new content ... [...]


p Point it to an user's profile page and it will automatically convert all new updates into RSS items that can be easily followed via feed readers br br Comes with cache support br ... [...]

imBookFlip 1.3.0

p It is a jQuery port of more advanced Flash page flip animations ... [...]
7art Rotary Clock ScreenSaver

7art Rotary Clock ScreenSaver 1.1

art Rotary Clock will help you to approach the understanding of the temporal river which rotates not only the clock hands itself but the clock face as well Every -degree turn of art Rotary Clock face could help you to see the right way to ... [...]
Absolute Privacy

Absolute Privacy 2.1

p The plugin implements a user registration moderation system where user accounts need to be approved before they can be used br br span id bul span style color rgb strong Installation strong span br br Unpack and upload it to the wp-content plugins directory ... [...]

Bedecked 0.5.3

p Just point Bedecked to a properly formatted Markdown file and the library will take its content and show it on multiple pages br br The content on the presentation slides is the text from under a header which in turn will be the slide ... [...]

Usercart 8 Infinity

The application can be used to sell up to products maximum recommended both physical and digital download merchandise ... [...]
Editor Templates

Editor Templates 0.1.2

p Editor Templates is an easy to use system for restricting access to various editing options without creating a new user role for it br br More complex editing templates can additionally be built Just check out the included example and make new ones placing ... [...]
Hotkey Sound Recorder

Hotkey Sound Recorder 3.0

Hotkey Sound Recorder is a powerful sound recording software Besides normal recording functions it allows you to record sound by pressing hotkey or by clicking the system tray icon It also allows you to use hotkey to turn sound up down or turn sound on ... [...]
Disable Users

Disable Users 1.0.2

p Disable Users does not delete the account but merely turn off its login functionality br br This means the user account will still be recorded in the databases but won't actually allow the user to login br br To perform this disable action a ... [...]

SimpleSound 3.0.2

SimpleSound is a useful Plug-In that enhances your FileMaker Pro solutions by allowing you to record and play your custom sound effects spoken instructions background music and other audio It doesn't matter which operating system your clients use You can play any sound format supported ... [...]

Toribash 4.82

Toribash is a challenging fighting game that allows you to design the moves Quickly creare a Toribash account free of charge and create your own cusomizable character br br The Toribash package also includes a manual that provides a list with all the available commands ... [...]
Cheap Impostor

Cheap Impostor 3.3

Cheap Impostor is a simple yet powerful alternative to print and bind booklets magazines or even long books br br Cheap Impostor lets you skip the photocopier step and produce output from your printer that can directly be turned into a magazine Further the application ... [...]
designMode script

designMode script

designMode can help you turn any frame iframe or window into a cross-browser wysiwyg editor Almost all major browsers offer a de facto support for rich text editing which makes an entire DOM document editable It was originally developed for Internet Explorer however later implementations ... [...]

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